We offer THREE payment options for purchasing on our website
– Credit Card with 3D Secure
– SID Direct EFT
– Ebucks

What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure is an online credit card payment authentication standard developed by major card companies in order to make online credit card transactions more secure and to decrease the risk of fraudulent use of credit card payments online.
With 3D Secure, an online credit card payment is redirected to the website of the issuing bank for authorisation. The issuing bank sends a one-time pin to the buyer’s cell phone. The buyer needs to enter that pin online, in an authentication page, for the payment to be accepted by the issuing bank. The one-time-pin is known only to the buyer and the bank that issued the credit card. The merchant has no access to it.
The 3D Secure system is called Verified-by-Visa, and the MasterCard one is known as SecureCode.

How do I enrol for 3D Secure?
To enrol for 3D Secure please contact your bank:
First National Bank
Standard Bank

My bank is not listed, how do I enrol for 3D Secure?
Please contact your bank to find out how you can enrol for 3D Secure on your credit card.

I have enrolled for 3D Secure at my bank’s website. What happens when I want to make a credit card payment for the purchases I made on Ascotcosmetics.co.za ?
When you select to pay by credit card at checkout, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. The bank that issued your credit card will then require that you verify you are the card holder (for example by entering your pin code or one-time password).

I have not enrolled for 3D secure, but I still want to pay with credit card for the purchases I made on Ascotcosmetics.co.za.
South African banks have made the 3D Secure compliance mandatory for all local e-commerce websites and all online shoppers who want to pay with a credit card. This regulation came into force in February 2014 .
So, if you want to continue to pay with credit card for your Ascotcosmetics.co.za purchases, you will need to enrol for 3D Secure at your bank’s website now.

What if I still do not want to enrol for 3D Secure with my bank?
If you do not enrol for 3D Secure once it becomes mandatory, we have an alternative payment option called SID that you may use to complete your payment.

What if I dont have a credit card ?
If you do not have a credit card, but you do have internet banking, you will still be able to shop on our site using Secure SID. SID is a secure way of doing an EFT directly into our account directly from our website. This system is gaining widespread popularity in South Africa with large online websites, such as Mango Airlines & Kulula to mention but two.