In June 1956, Ascot Pharmacy opened its doors for the first time. This year marks the 66th year that ASCOT has been in business. We are delighted to celebrate this achievement by bringing you even more amazing deals to celebrate our birthday!

You will already know that we offer a huge range of products, at the lowest prices, with our famous reliable, trustworthy service. For over six decades, we have witnessed enormous changes in both the local area, the country and the wider world. We Just imagine, Ascot first opened its doors in the same year as Elvis Presley emerged as a rock and roll star, the Teflon pan was invented, and Egypt took control of the Suez Canal! Now, we want to share a bit more about our history.

When we first opened, Ascot was a small pharmacy shop in what is currently our exceptionally large premises on the corner of Hay and Tramway Streets, Turffontein. Next to it was the famous BJ Stores that sold everything from knitting patterns to tinned goods, and that was itself a small community hub.

As a family run business, the pharmacy was deeply embedded in the community and served generations of customers; Some wishing to fill their prescriptions, others to get over the counter indigestion relief, and many more to consult the pharmacist on all manner of things.

It was not long before Ascot Pharmacy soon outgrew its shop and soon it started taking over the rest of the building, shop by shop. At various points in its history, the pharmacy also had a beauty salon, a clothes boutique and sold discounted solid gold jewellery.

In the 1980’s Ascot became the first business to begin discounting cosmetics and perfumes. Sanctions and disinvestment meant that Ascot was able to acquire enormous stocks of merchandise and sell these on at a discount to customers. Over 90% of our floor space comprising all 6 shops was given over to cosmetics and fragrances. We became a household name way beyond the south of Johannesburg, taking out regular full-page advertisements in The Star, and attracting customers and other businesses from all over South Africa. Our prices meant that our business turned over huge quantities of stock, and this meant that our suppliers were always eager to fill our orders and at unbeatable prices!

In the 90’s we sold off the pharmacy and concentrated exclusively on our cosmetic and fragrance business. Cosmetics and perfume sales were now the sole focus of the business. We even developed our own brand of make up and nail polish that is still sold in other pharmacies and shops nationwide. These products are recognised as being of great quality at unbelievable prices.

Our business has always innovated, and the development of the worldwide web presented another incredible opportunity! Again, Ascot led the way. Ascot was the first cosmetic and perfume business to go online and offer our matchless range of products at incomparible prices! Year on year, our internet business has grown. We remain leaders in online retail space.

So, for the whole of the month of June, please keep your eyes open for all our celebrations. This month, we are offering giveaways, special deals, free gifts, and competitions! And, as ever, all our usual stock at incredible prices!