Whether you’re looking for your normal, every-day cover-up, or cosmetics to compliment your night-on-the-town, Ascot Cosmetics has what you need. We are a one-stop-shop for all your cosmetics needs. Feel free to speak to one of our in-house agents who will be happy to help you find your perfect products.

  • Payot Pate Grise Creme Matifiante Velours 50ml

    R275.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB2750

  • 5th Avenue Eau De Parfum Spray 125ml

    R705.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB7050

  • 5th Avenue NYC Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml

    R420.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB4200

    Out of stock

  • aromatics-in-white-edp-spray-30ml

    Aromatics In White EDP Spray

    R995.00R1,420.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB9950 - eB14200

  • Blue Grass EDP Spray 100ml

    R225.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB2250

  • AC3380810511154-clarins-anti-eau-body-treatment-oil-100ml-huile-anti-eau

    Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil – Contouring/ Strengthening 100ml (Huile “Anti-Eau”)

    R515.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5150

  • Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil – Soothing/ Relaxing 100ml (Huile “Relax”)

    R495.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB4950

  • AC3380810512106-clarins-tonic-body-treatment-oil-100ml-huile-tonic

    Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil – Firming/ Toning 100ml (Huile “Tonic”)

    R515.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5150

  • AC3380814217212-clarins-3-dot-liner-black

    Clarins 3-Dot Liner – INTENSE BLACK 01

    R255.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB2550

    Out of stock

  • AC3380814223114-clarins-be-long-mascara-01-intense-black-7ml

    Clarins Be Long Mascara – INTENSE BLACK 01 7ml

    R305.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB3050

    Out of stock

  • AC3380810453102-clarins-beauty-flash-balm-50ml-baume-beaute-eclair

    Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 50ml

    R480.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB4800

  • AC3380810584127-clarins-body-shaping-cream-200ml-creme-masvelt

    Clarins Body Shaping Cream 200ml

    R540.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5400

  • AC3380810106466-clarins-bright-plus-hp-brightening-repairing-night-cream-50ml

    Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Revive Night Cream 50ml

    R690.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB6900

  • AC3380810106411-clarins-bright-plus-hp-brightening-hydrating-day-lotion-spf-20-oil-free-50ml

    Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 20 75ml

    R760.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB7600

  • Clarins Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum 30ml

    R695.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB6950

  • Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel 50ml

    R545.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5450

  • Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream 125ml

    R380.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB3800

    Out of stock

  • Clarins Double Serum 30ml

    R825.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB8250

  • Clarins Double Serum 50ml

    R1,095.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB10950

  • AC3380811247106-clarins-extra-comfort-anti-pollution-cleansing-cream-200ml-creme-douce-demaquillante-anti-pollution

    Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream 200ml

    R375.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB3750

    Out of stock

  • AC3380811564104-clarins-extra-firming-body-cream-200ml-lift-fermete

    Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream 200ml

    R625.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB6250

  • AC3380811565101-clarins-extra-firming-body-lotion-200ml-lift-fermete

    Clarins Extra-Firming Body Lotion 200ml

    R625.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB6250

  • Clarins Extra-Firming Jour Wrinkle Control Firming Day Cream – All Skin Types 50ml

    R880.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB8800

  • Clarins Extra-Firming Jour Wrinkle Control Firming Day Rich Cream – Special for Dry Skin 50ml

    R880.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB8800

  • Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream 75ml

    R920.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB9200

  • Clarins Extra-Firming Nuit Wrinkle Control Regenerating Night Cream – All Skin Types 50ml

    R915.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB9150

  • AC3380814215911-clarins-eyebrow-kit-pro-palett

    Clarins Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette 5.2 g

    R440.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB4400

    Out of stock

  • AC3380810112207-clarins-face-treatment-oil-combination-skin-prone-to-oiliness-30ml-huile-lotus

    Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil – Oily or Combination Skin 30ml

    R510.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5100

  • Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil – Dehydrated Skin 30ml

    R510.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5100

  • Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil – Dry Skin 30ml

    R510.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB5100

  • Clarins Fix Make-Up 50ml

    R360.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB3600

  • AC3380810596106-clarins-gentle-care-roll-on-deodorant-50ml-roll-on-deodorant-multi-soin

    Clarins Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant 50ml

    R290.00 Sale!

    eBucks price eB2900